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WindRip girls take top honours at the GSP Club of Canada Fall 2012 Trial 
-Open Shooting Dog stake-

1st - NSDC DC/AFTCH FC AFC WindRip’s Reckoning Day, CD SH RN FDX (Petra)
2nd - DC AFTCh WindRip’s Shot In The Dark CD FDX SH (Giza)
3rd - FTCh WindRip’s CB’s Now You See It (Libby) owned by Brian, Calgary

All dogs were handled by Arwen

After 14 titles, multiple DOY awards, puppies and many fun days of hunting and field trials we are heartbroken that Petra’s journey has ended.



NSD DC AFTCh Am FC/AFC WindRip’s Reckoning Day


New AKC Amateur Field Champion

FC/AFTCh FC AFC WindRip’s On Your Knees JH

“Layla” - owned & handled by Arwen

Spring, 2017

New AKC Field Champion and Dual Champion!

Am DC Can Ch  WindRip’s High Voltage JH

“Blade” - Owned by Arwen, Handled by Katrin Tazza

to his FC, Fall, 2017